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Pfurtscheller Frog

Price: €223.00 Size: 100cm x 114cm

This is a reproduction of an original illustration by Paul Pfurtscheller, titled "Amphibia Anura Rana II" (pond or brown frog) and produced as part of a series of 'Zoologischen Wandtafeln' (Zoological Wall Charts) from 1902 onwards. The charts were originally published by 'A. Pichler's Witwe & Sohn und Buchhandlung Lehrmittelanstalt', a publisher specialising in educational literature and teaching aids in Vienna and Leipzig. This piece has been perfectly preserved with over 100 years of wear-and-tear captured to add to it’s character. The artwork has been printed onto Airtex canvas, with its brilliant colors and accurate detail carefully restored. Hand-mounted with aged timber batons and 100% cotton rope, each piece is supplied ready to hang.

Erstwhile Zoological Collection

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